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Software Manager
Ahmad Helali


Database Designer
Mr. Ghalib Almoosawi

Collect, protect, and analyze data by writing code

`` Believer ``

The big guy who lights up the company

Mohamad Nehlawi

Business Finance Modeling

Public Relations
saeed al khiyami

Well, he gets over 200 likes on a post

Leen Altajjar

Creative designer with huge patient

Full Stack Developer
Ayoub Ibrahim

Our Full-stack Developer in Iraq

Senior Developer
Abd Alrahman Karaja

Our big bro, best Consultant

Emergencies Freelance
Philip Haddad

Perfect freelancer when it comes to done on time

Full stack Developer
Ali Esa

Expert programmer (ASP .Net Angular )

Software Engineer
Nour Hamed

Expert System analyst and software management

Project Manager
Rabeh Abo Eid

Software team leader and customer relations

Waseem Alawwa

Management & Planning Consultant

Back-End Developer
Wajdi Manni

It's kind of fun to do the impossible

Mohammad Kabani

Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings

2D Animator
Salma Adham

Just like Disney

Emergencies Freelance
Rahaf Tanous

Perfect freelancer when it comes to honesty and hard work

Rana Dadoush

You can run the office without a boss, but not without Rana.