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Mobile Search

Implement advanced search capabilities like sorting and filtering. Significantly reduce the number of steps a customer takes to find their product without browsing the whole store.


Mobile Wishlist

To increases customer revisits and promotes customer loyalty. Customers like to mark products without having to add them to the shopping cart.


Offline Functionalities

The customers should access some of the features even when they have intermittent or no access to the internet.

Mobile commerce

A mobile eCommerce store is a must for any online business owner these days, as 82% of smartphone users decide to buy something while surfing the Internet on their smartphones.

A mobile version of your website with a compelling, feature-rich and graphically pleasing storefront, and it provides means for retailers to immediately deliver relevant offers, promotions and products. A mobile commerce software that works on Android and iOS.


Diversify your offers and assortment by creating separate websites to reach your target audience. Manage everything from one admin panel.

A multi-store eCommerce feature enables you to run more than one web store from a single installation. This means you can host more than one frontend store on different domains and manage all admin operations from your single administration panel.


With This eCommerce solution you can create unique or white-label online storefronts for multiple brands, products, B2B, B2C, affiliate programs, co-branded stores and more. You can also quickly launch micro-stores for promotional campaigns.


The most convenient feature is that every online store shares a single database: you can share catalog data between stores and manage orders of different stores from one admin panel. Customers from each storefront may have separate and shared information and access assigned and controlled by owner, so they are able to log-in to all of your stores using the same credentials.


Make more profit by selling more products from different brands and sellers.

Ecommerce platform with multi-vendor and drop shipping support enables you to sell online without having to stock inventory or ship orders.

How to start eCommerce drop shipping with this platform?

With drop shipping feature , each product is assigned to a particular vendor whose details are stored. Once an order is placed, an email is sent to the vendor of each product in the order. The email includes products, quantities, etc. The vendor then ships the item to a customer on behalf of the merchant, who typically pays each of his/her vendors at the end of the month.

Omnichannel Commerce

Sell your products via various channels that are interconnected. Create an exceptional customer experience.

Omnichannel commerce is a strategy of selling your products through various channels (social media, marketplaces, phone, smart devices or offline stores) with all the information about your clients, products, shipping, and marketing consolidated into a unified system. This way, your clients’ experiences should be unified regardless of the channel or channel chain they use.

Product features

Show your customers all benefits and capabilities of your products.

Product attributes

Create as many variations of attributes for your products as you need, such as size and color – each with its own SKU, price, weight, image and stock level. eCommerce store owners can add checkout attributes: text options to products for shoppers to fill in, such as initials for monogrammed products. The shoppers can also upload files, for example, for custom prints on shirts.

Product comparison

Comparing products side by side removes the guesswork from your customers and facilitates their research, hence, improving the time spent on, and odds of, adding a product to the cart.

Stock management

Inventory management allows store owners to discern physical stock and available quantities. You can easily manage backorder and pre-order status for each product. Multiple warehouses, partial deliveries, and stock management by product attributes (such as color and size) are supported.

Product Pricing

Price tools go beyond simple price tag creation. Store owners can set different prices for different groups of their customers, hide prices for extra-valuable items, and make customers contact a sales team by enabling “call for price”.

It also supports “enter your price” functionality for donations.

eCommerce SEO

Configure your online store’s SEO settings and conveniently add tags and descriptions for your products.

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in search results. Our SEO tool for eCommerce helps you get higher search rankings, meaning more organic traffic going to your online store.

Google Analytics integration

Solution is integrated with Google Analytics. The eCommerce transaction tracking tool automatically connects your online store’s Google Analytics data with customer transactions.

Online Checkout

Improve the customer experience of your eCommerce store with instant and one-page checkout.

supports two types of eCommerce checkout used in most modern web stores:

Anonymous online checkout allows customers to checkout without creating an account. Many customers prefer this option as it allows them to finish the purchase quicker.

One-page checkout dramatically reduces the steps required in the checkout process and also helps to increase revenue and conversion rates by making the checkout easier for customers.

Checkout attributes. At the checkout, you can provide customers with various options. For example, you can gift wrap products or personalize them with messages.



eCommerce Marketing

Solution which have a variety of eCommerce features for marketing campaigns:

Reward Points System

Related products

Discounts and coupons

eCommerce newsletter and emails

Content marketing

Gift cards

Product online reviews and ratings

Product comparison sites

Affiliate program

Payment Methods

Accept various types of payments over the world and improve your eCommerce store’s user experience.

Accept all major credit and debit cards. A store can be set to authorize only or auth-capture credit card modes. Supports refund (and partial refund) and void functionality.

Every country has its own eCommerce payment preferences, that’s why the solution also allows you to limit online shop payment methods per country.

Shipping features

Deliver your products fast and flawlessly via widely used solutions.

It supports various eCommerce shipping requirements and settings.

Highlighted features include:

eCommerce shipping calculation

Supports flexible calculation mechanisms: a store can be configured for free shipping over $X, shipping fees can be based on order weight or order totals, additional shipping charges can be specified per product, and shipping discounts (percent or fixed amount) can be created. Certain customer groups can be marked for free shipping.

It also allows you to limit available shipping solutions per country, or apply “no shipping required” (e.g. for services).


Your customers can give two different addresses for billing and shipping, so they can easily send items as gifts.

Estimate shipping

It helps customers to estimate shipping cost before the checkout process in your web store starts. Customers just enter country, state and zip code information – available shipping options and their estimated costs will be shown.

Pickup Points

The solution supports in-store pickup. This feature allows an online store owner to configure pickup locations where customers can receive parcels.

B2C, B2B, B2B2C and D2C

Overview of supported E-commerce

The solution have powerful integral functionality that covers 100% of business needs of eCommerce store owners. It combines all the robust functionality for efficient B2C, B2B, B2B2C and D2C sales locally and globally. In addition to a huge number of eCommerce features for small and medium businesses, It have built-in enterprise features such as multi-store and multi-vendor functions, advanced SEO settings and marketing settings, various tools for affiliate and client loyalty programs, one-page checkout, extended product attributes and many others. Moreover, thanks to out-of-the-box features such as multi-currency support, integration with international payment systems, global e shipping and tax services, compliance with GDPR and all EU laws you can efficiently scale and expand your online sales around the world. The pluggable architecture will ensure 100% fulfillment of any business requirements for the eCommerce website.


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