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The Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Business Owners

The Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Business Owners


Smartphone apps are great tools for managing your life, whether you’re looking for an app to keep track of your finances, plan your day, or organize your schedule. Here are some of The Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Business Owners.(b-wire)

Dropbox – Best Smartphone Apps that lets you share files with others. You can also store documents, photos, videos, etc.

If you need to send large files to clients or colleagues, then you’ll probably want to use something other than email. Dropbox is one of the easiest ways to do so. It’s free, easy to set up, and works well with both Mac and Windows computers.

Evernote – This app helps you organize notes, images, audio, video, etc. into one place.

You can also use Evernote as an online notebook where you can store any type of file. You can even add links to websites or documents within the note itself.

Trello – This app allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to keep track of projects.

If you’re looking for something more robust than Evernote, check out Trello. It’s a web application that lets you organize tasks into different lists and boards. You can assign people to each task and set due dates.

Asana – A platform that comes with Smartphone Apps that help you plan tasks and collaborate with team members.

Another option is Asana. It’s an online project management platform that allows you to share projects with others, track progress, and communicate with clients.

Slack – This app enables instant messaging between users.

If you’re looking for something more than just a chat room, check out Slack. You can use it as a group chat, file sharing service, or even a place to host meetings.


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Our Choice: At B-wire we worked with most of the above apps and we found Asana to be a great choice for business management and live time collaboration


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